Q1. Are there membership fees?
A1. Yes, the annual membership fee is currently $325 for rowers. There is no fee for coxswains. Fees for racing (registration, travel, etc) are additional and vary for each regatta.

Q2. Are there any other requirements to be a member?
A2. All rowers and coxswains must be able to swim at least 400 yards and tread water for at least one minute. There are no other requirements for membership.

Q3. Is attendance mandatory?
A3. Regular practice attendance is not mandatory, but encouraged. Practices with race lineups prior to regattas are considered high-priority, and will be scheduled to best suit each other’s availability.

Q4. What about equipment use?
A4. We currently rent boats and other major equipment items from other resident high school and college rowing programs at Sandy Run. Rowers and coxswains need to bring only personal items, such as a water bottle.

Q5. Are there any social events?
A5. Yes, there are frequent social gatherings throughout the year. Social activities are a major part of our club life. In fact, some members have a better attendance record for parties than for practices!

Q6. Is there any participation in regattas?
A6. Yes, we regularly participate in area regattas in the summer and fall. Those races are not mandatory. We try to enter as many boats as possible, with the goal of having as many members as possible entered in race events.

Q7. Are indoor workouts available?
A7. Yes, we have a winter/spring conditioning program with Concept 2 ergometers at Oakton High School. The workouts are Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7:00 pm to 8:30pm and Saturday 7:30-9:30AM . That program is included in the annual membership. However, most of the practices throughout the year will be on the water.

Q8. What are the facilities like?
A8. Sandy Run Regional Park (http://www.nvrpa.org/park/sandy_run/) is one of the finest rowing venues in the country. You can visit Sandy Run Regional Park during its normal operating hours. It is open from the first weekend in February through the first weekend in December, weather permitting, for activities related to rowing and sculling. Oakton Masters Rowing Club operates out of Boathouse 2.

Q9. Does the club offer sculling and/or sweep rowing?
A9. Oakton Masters Rowing Club currently includes sweep rowing only, but some OMRC members also enjoy sculling with the Occoquan Boat Club, which is another resident club at Sandy Run.