Our Competitive Philosophy

A primary purpose of Oakton Masters Rowing Club is to provide opportunities for members to participate in friendly competition with other rowing clubs. In support of this, our boat assignments for practices and regattas are made with competitive, recreational, and novice rowers in mind so that the club’s top boat entries will be as fast as possible.

While the primary consideration in the selection of rowers for top boats is to finish as high as possible in the standings, a serious effort is made to accommodate, in lower boat entries, all who sign up to race. Any member who rows regularly is eligible to sign up for any regatta. Informal local races provide additional opportunities for competition, and recreational rowers have opportunities for rowing in non-race settings. In short, the club’s competitive philosophy can be summed up as having fun doing the best we can with what we’ve got.

We intend to compete in as many boat classes as practicable, in both sweep rowing and sculling, to maximize the participation and racing success of as many club members as possible. Boat assignments for regular practice sessions and regatta events are made by the coaching staff and are based upon fitness (power, endurance, flexibility, agility), rowing technique, and level of racing commitment and participation, as demonstrated by erg scores, body weight, seat race results, and other methods that the coaches desire to use. In order to fill an empty seat for a regatta entry, the coaching staff may recruit rowers or coxswains from other local rowing clubs to fill in.